Why you are not reaching your full cloud management potential

In the beginning, there was Software as a Service

Toward the end of the Client/Server Era of the technology timeline, something evolutionary began to happen. Technology was difficult to deliver. Technology had become overly complex and required highly skilled resources to design, build, and support solutions for businesses.

Why is a business doing IT?

In the 2000s the competitive landscape in many market verticals was aggressive. At a time when the business needed to respond to changes in the marketplace, internal IT was not getting it done.

The Over Correction

The technology organization took one on the chin and jumped back up. They began meeting with all the business stakeholders. They built MVP specifications that were based on the business needs and not focused on the technology. The days of building IT and they will come were over. The need to evolve was obvious and the old guard had to change their mindset or be removed.


The traditional software and tools that are used to operate and manage the data center aren’t equipped for the public cloud. These tools don’t understand elastic infrastructure or non-existent primary keys like Mac Addresses or IP Addresses. In the traditional world, these things don’t change. In the Cloud, they can change daily.

What is Vega?

We are a team of Cloud professionals who have designed, built, and managed public cloud infrastructure for the last decade. You won’t hear us talk about our software as Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning. Sure, we use the latest technology appropriately but what’s more important here is smart design and implementation by craftsmen (and women) who know the pitfalls to avoid and can help you use the technology like an engineer would prefer — effectively and efficiently.



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Vega Cloud

Vega Cloud

We are a start-up tech company focused on providing users with the best cloud management platform