Why is the public cloud industry on a path to waste $400 Billion $ in less than a decade?

  • Visibility — A few disparate feature tools were early in the market. Still, they didn’t evolve beyond anything other than showing a problem and very little (if any) automation and/or “operational remediation.”
  • Simplicity — Anyone who has used the AWS console will tell you how complex it is, and it’s so specialized it takes part of a career to become a legitimate expert regardless of what the marketing folks say on behalf of the cloud providers.
  • Optimization — The “low hanging fruit” for optimization via software comes in four areas:
  1. Cost — identification of utilization patterns and acting in simple yet effective ways using automated workflows dramatically reducing waste effectively & efficiently. We need to go beyond just identifying areas where Organizations can purchase things like Reserved Instances.
  2. Cloud User Experience — intuitive and simple-to-use interfaces that sit a few layers on top of the public clouds consoles are critical. Organizations need an easy-to-use interface that automates deployments and/or orchestrates the graceful parking of complex workloads, reduces cost risk, and opens a broader range of the labor pool.
  3. Enhance Cloud Security — the fact that Ransomware as a Service is now a billion+ industry should make us all collectively hold our breath and realize we must rethink security and compliance, NOW!
  4. Unified Cloud Posture Management — having a handful or dozens of desperate feature tools is not a sound strategy and is unfortunately not cost-effective either.



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